05 maj 2011

Skywatch Friday

I'm back in Sweden again after having spent six months in southern Spain. I just took this picture from my terrace. The sky is blue today and the sun is shining and I'm fine.  
Summer in Sweden is very nice with very light evenings and nights and the nature is just beautiful. When fall comes, I go back to Spain and the sun and heat there!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Välkommen hem! Våren i Sverige är alltid så fin...
    Varma hälsningar från Västafrika!

  2. Hi Cecilia,

    Very beautiful! This is my first time here to your lovely blog.

    Thank you for sharing with us,

    Kathy M.
    Central Oregon

  3. Such gorgeous capture.

    My Skywatch, please come and see.

  4. Wow Cecelia that is so nice to know you traveled this two beautiful country, good for you. Happy weekend!

    Sky Watch


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