13 november 2012

A beautiful day

A nice day in the end of October in the small village Maro in Andalusia, the Southern of Spain.

10 kommentarer:

  1. Such a beautiful coastline.

  2. Piękne zdjęcia! Z tego, co widzę mieszka Pani w ciekawej okolicy. Pozdrawiam!

  3. I love the waves breaking on the beach - looks like lace!! Also looks warm!!!

  4. A gorgeous beach. The colour of the water is stunning!

  5. Yes, indeed, a beautiful day in a beautiful place....

  6. amazing view of this beautiful coast.

  7. Shit I have to write in english..well..I'll try..

    How wonderful it looks. Imagine being able to go there and look for fine stones in the sun.I can feel the warm breeze and hear the waves breaking.
    Here in old Sweden is about five degrees and it gets almost no light at all.

    Have a good time o enjoy your Spanish sun..

    Himmel..oj det tog på krafterna..kram på sig från Anna

  8. Indeed! That view is awesome!

    Visiting from Water World Wednesday


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