30 oktober 2010

Camera Critters #134

In Nerja, Costa del Sol in the south of Spain there is a organisation called Donkey Society. The people there are volunteers that rescue old animals that have had a very hard life. Mostly donkeys and horses but there are also other animals like goats, cats and dogs and this sweet pig.

People are coming with food to them and you can also buy vegetables there and feed the animals your self! So nice! You can take some of the animals out for a walk and if you have the possibility you can adopt one of the animals! I think this is a wonderful place and wonderful people working to rescue these animals!

There are more animals here at Camera Critters!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Riktigt söta åsnor! Bra att de tas om hand efter lång och trogen tjänst. Om de bara inte lät så förbaskat... ;D

  2. Poor little piggy has been looked after too well and is a bit overweight? But it's nice that volunteers do such valuable work.

  3. ojoj, åsnorna är ju coola. Men tänk det stackars svinet, med den magen.

  4. Sounds like a nice place with good people. Love the donkeys and the sweet pig.

  5. Cecilia, very itneresting information and photos.

    I adore the header of your blog.
    nice day


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